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    Mold envisions to mold as per necessity, positively impacting all realms of design and the built environment. – Anika Mittal Dhawan, Mold Design Studio

    mold’s design philosophy is that all objects, from large cities, spaces to products can be sculpted and molded, as per the needs and requirements...

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    I am in complete disagreement of the use of the word ‘start-up’ in the context of architectural practices.- Ar. Sushant Jai-Amita Verma, rat[LAB]

    rat - Research in Architecture & Technology, is an independent research organization and network of designers & researchers specializing in computational design or similar...

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    Work and gain experience outside of your comfort zone. – Prashant Pradhan’s advice to young architects

    Prashant Pradhan Architects is a design firm based in Gangtok, Sikkim that focuses on delivering the highest quality multidisciplinary design. They do not distinguish...

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    Managing the office has been a biggest challenge for us – Khushbu Davda and Seeja Sudhakaran, Studio Emergence, Mumbai

    Studio Emergence is a design studio found by two architects, Seeja Sudhakaran and Khushbu Davda, with a penchant for geometry in design and Parametric...

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    Nothing feels more exciting, When the same clients come back to us – Sameer Balvally, Shilpa Jain Balvally, Studio Osmosis

    Founded in 2010, Studio Osmosis is a multidisciplinary design practice formed by Sameer Balvally and Shilpa Jain Balvally. The Studio’s foundation is based on...

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