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Exhibition Space at ACETECH, for Legend Ply and Veneers, by Spaces Architects @ka

ConceptCreating and sculpting space for Legend Ply Veneers builds upon three basic concepts - Understanding - Usage - Experience.Understanding - It was a journey...

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Interior Design: Krisha’s Residence at New Delhi, by Spaces Architects @ka

Photography ©Bharat Aggarwal History This house dates back to 45 years and is for one big family. The architect want to revamp his apartment within...

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J House, New Delhi – by Spaces KA – Kapil Aggarwal

Brief J House designed by Kapil Aggarwal is a weekend home, located in Delhi, with plot area of 1800 sq.ft. The house is designed in...

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IMELDA.INC at New Delhi by Spaces [email protected]

It’s no secret that office design can either enhance or dampen the company culture. An office is a medium that reflects and reinforces a...

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Intersekt Tile Showroom, by Kapil Aggarwal, Spaces [email protected]

Facade with its context Text by Spaces [email protected] The project came along from a client who had passion for their work over three generations in the tile industry....

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