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Unbuilt: BAREFOOT SCHOOL OF CRAFTS, made in Goa – Competition Entry for Serendipity Arts Festival by Studio UnTAG

The school is envisioned as a composition of two linear pavilions, one housing the classrooms / exhibits, the other housing a large multipurpose space, the two separated by a green court. These pavilions are planned on a replicable cost effective grid of 4.5m, thus giving the flexibility of adapting to various site conditions, creating multiple iterations of the same base plan. - Studio UnTAG

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A Commoner’s NEST at Zidke, Maharashtra, by unTAG Architecture and Interiors

This house is all about the aspirations of a common man. A biology professor, from Zidke, a small village in Maharashtra hesitantly approached us to design his dream home, within a tight budget constraint given beforehand. Being a keen landscape enthusiast himself, we thought of giving him a simple NEST nestled within his tiny green grove.

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Unbuilt – A farmer’s abode – A Tiny House for a Farmer, by Studio unTAG

OUR BRIEF – to design an affordable mobile tiny house for a ‘kisaan’, a farmer, from central India, as the Client. The design is based on the idea of Build, Live and Earn, thus promoting a sustainable lifestyle for a farmer. PLANNING – The house is envisaged as two cuboids, one public, one private, separated …

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Vrindavan – A Farmhouse at Ozram, Maharashtra, by Studio unTAG, Gauri Satam and Tejesh Patil

Vrindavan by Studio unTAG is a modest 1000 sq.ft farmhouse, nestled within a 2.5 acre farm, true to its mythological Sanskrit meaning – a grove. It is a retirement home for a couple in their 60s, in their native village, Ozram, Maharashtra, India, on a quiet farm treasured by them as a hobby over past …

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