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National War Memorial, New Delhi – Competition Entry by Studio Matter, Goa

SMARAN PATH – Path of Remembrance The Lutyens’ zone in New Delhi is a powerful geometry. At the heart of this geometry, an imposing historic axis connects the Rashtrapati Bhavan with the India Gate. In the six ‘petals’ of the hexagon that surround the India Gate while the ‘Chatri’ pivots the geometry of the Lutyens’ …

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“The photograph does not lie – the photographer does, and so does the architect” Ruturaj Parikh on Photoshopped Architecture

The primary value of architecture lies in the experience of the built environment. As an architect, however, it is difficult to personally experience numerous interesting buildings as we are limited by geography and access. While one can experience many intriguing architectural and urban environments, much of what is produced in contemporary architecture will only be …

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