Morya Sales Office at Kolkata, India, by SQUARE


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Morya Sales Office, at Kolkata, India, by Square



Morya being the overarching theme of the project, the sales office followed the origami form of the peacock. Design influenced from post-modernist DE-constructivism the L-shaped site prompted the formation of a neck which connected the two main blocks, the reception with the sample flat area. Through the toggling of height, the user was given a sense of varying scale and space perception.



The internal patterns on the walls draw parallel to the dancing feathers of the peacock. That pattern repeats itself in various form over the walls and the landscape.




Drawings –


Project Facts –

Project Name: Morya Sales Office

Client: Sugam Diamond Abasan LLP

Location: BL Saha Road, Kolkata, India

Architect, Interior Design & Landscape: Square 

Structural Designers: M N Consultants

Photograph: Pratik Mondal & Square

Furniture: Alankaram & Gulmohar Lane

Completion Date: October 2018

Site Area: 891.24 Sq M

Built-Up Area: 430 Sq M

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