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Residence for Mahesh Pawade, at Nanded, Maharashtra, by 4th Axis Design Studio

Images: Hemant Patil

The residence for Mahesh Pawde is a single family residence, located in Nanded, a rapidly developing town in Maharashtra. The residence is nestled in comparitively less denser area, away from the busy city, making its presence prominent in the urban landscape. The site is a long rectangle with the width of 25 feet only, posed multiple challenges while designing. Also, the local bye laws that allowed sharing of a common wall restricted natural light and ventilation. The approach to design of this bunglow took up these challenges as an opportunity to innovate something different. In addition, putting every inch of the plot to an efficient use was crucial for both, the architect and the client.

The local climate of Nanded city mostly remains hot and dry with mild winters and monsoon. The summers at times are harsh, making it necessary for dwellings to provide the necessary shade and cooling, without compromising with the natural light.

The urban landscape of Nanded witnesses a mixed typology of houses, that respond to modernity as well as traditional architecture of Maharashtra.

Client and the Design Brief:

The client comes from a business background, and a nuclear family of four members that demanded a subtle, yet comfortable living environment. The design brief expected an outcome, that does not only do justice to the lifestyle of the client, but also ensures timeless quality through, functional spaces, aesthetics and structural stability.

While the design requirements of the client did not demand anything unusual with respect to their living, but, a requirement of an office on the ground floor, that would frequently be visited by outsiders, resulted into living space being lifted to the first floor and above.

It was understood that, the nuclear family aspired for modern living that humbly blends into the cultural setting of the city.

Ground Floor:

Mahesh Pawde Bunglow - 4th Axis Design Studio

The 25’ wide linear plot was accessible from North, via 18 m wide road.

On ground floor, the plot accommodated an office which was accessible by a 5’ passage, a toilet and parking space for visitors and the owners. By providing office space on ground floor, two objectives were achieved. One was the segregation and privacy that the private areas of the residence required, and the second was aesthetics. By lifting the living areas by a floor, the building was prominently visible from the distance, and uppoer floors appeared floating in the space.

First Floor:

That is where the personal and private areas for the Pawade family were carved out. The site being compact, it was necessary to ensure that every space received sufficient natural light and ventilation. There being shared walls on the either sides of the plot, it was necessary to fetch the same from North and south, and by creating offsets.

The first floor, accommodated a guest bedroom, Kitchen, living and dining area and a pooja room. Living room receiving its light from north, also sported a 6.25’ wide balcony.

Second Floor:

The top floor of the residence, accommodated two bedrooms and a family lounge, making it cosy, compact, yet comfortable living for the Pawade family.

The Form:

The compact form of the residence was the result of the linear site and an exercise to ensure an atmosphere conducive to comfortable living. The protruding bedroom on the second floor balaced out the recession on the first floor. The natural textures on the facade merged effortlessly with the local surroundings. The pergola on the top provided the lightness to the form and also made a conclusive statement.


The plush interiors of the house were deisigned keeping in mind th taste of all family members. The colour finishes, textures and material was the result of the requirement, where the family aspired to live the modernity that complemented the cultural values not only of the family but of the city at large.


Project Facts:

1. Start and Completion Month / Year: June 2016 completion october 2017

2. Photographer’s Name: Hemant Patil

3. Team and Consultants: Amit, Sagar,
4. structural consultant :- V. Gaud

5. Choice of materials / finishes:-  Rustik finish tiles and laminates used in all room, Matt finish tile cladding at elevation, Designer wall paper in living room, Matt Finish SS bars and Pipe railing, Wooden Floor in master bed, Children Bed wardobe Differenciated with daughter and son sketch

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