Satara Municipal Corporation, Winning competition Entry by VEEKAS Studio, Pune

Satara Municipal Corporation, Winning competition Entry by VEEKAS Studio.

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Satara Municipal Corporation - Vikas Bhandari - VEEKAS
Satara Municipal Corporation - Vikas Bhandari - VEEKAS
View of the proposed Satara Municipal Corporation

As one walks towards the building the eight flower beds in the compound wall and two on each side of the building welcome the visitor invoking the resemblance of the KAS PATHAR.

The four long columns subtly covey the function as Administrative one.

Satara Municipal Corporation - VEEKAS Studio
Concept Sheet

Enjoying this entry, one arrives in Atrium which acts as a binding space for all the happening right from 24.0M. Satara Koregaon Road to the farthest point of the site on south. qThe functions are organised around this atrium with administrative ones on lower and two upper floors are for democratic functions with the council hall as crown celebrating democracy.

SHIVAJI MAHARAJ statue at the focal point in atrium commemorates the heritage. And along with MAHARAJ’s Adnya Patra it reminds of How a just Administration must be.

The atrium further gives access to the ancillary building on south consisting of the exhibition hall, cafeteria and fitness centre. This building also has independence access ensuring availability independent of Nagar Palika office ensuring larger use and thus can generate some revenue. At the entry to the exhibition hall foyer at a lower level is a replica of the feature from BARA MOTECHI VIHIR AT LIMB.

The exposed roofs are covered with synthetic turf and with water sprinklers to drain the heat through evaporation. Groundwater recharging with rainwater, using the treated water for landscaping, photovoltaic and vertical axis turbines on one hand generate electricity and on the other hand demand for electricity has been brought down by use of landscape screens on the east and west facades of the building.

The building is planned for energy efficiency leading to near sufficiency.



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