Architects in India

Celebrating Colossus: 90 Years of a Life Well Lived

On B. V. Doshi’s 90th Birthday – Architecture is – if stripped down to the basics – the art and science of adoption and adaption: of aesthetics, of sensibilities, of methods, techniques and technologies – and even values – to create a stylistic vocabulary all one’s own. Architects learn and draw inspiration from everything – from art, from nature, from politics and religion – but most importantly, we learn from those who came before us.

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Pramod Balakrishnan from Edifice

Architectural Internship In India – Pramod Balakrishnan Opines

It is important to remember that all through life these kids have always been instructed and evaluated. In the process, most become doers and lack the ability to think for themselves. What they are taught in schools makes them problem-solvers and plan-makers – they understand the process of design as being linear.

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Career in Architecture

Career in Architecture – An advise from experts

Because you have landed up on this page, we assume that you have decided the career of your choice, and, it’s Architecture. Welcome aboard, next five years, or more in some cases, are going to be an adventurous journey for you. It is assumed that you have already gathered the necessary information about the profession and the life that architects and architecture students live. No? Set up an appointment with the best architects in your city, go to all colleges in the vicinity, talk to students, talk to teachers, visit their websites and spend some time at the “college canteen” where you will get some ‘real’ feedback. We have left the job of deciding ‘top ten’ architecture colleges in India to other magazines, we don’t trust. 😉 – Career in Architecture

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Charles Correa


Charles Correa, legendary architect from India passed away yesterday night at the age of 84. Behind he has left immense inspiration in the form of

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