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Reinventing Architecture Education in India, with ACEDGE, by Ethos

Architecture Education needs to be looked at with fresh eyes to keep up with the rapidly changing world scenarios and every stakeholder of the educational ecosystem has a role to play in equipping learners with the required exposure to keep pace and bridge the gap between academics and the profession. Universities, individual architecture colleges, teachers and students themselves will have to do their bit to adapt to a rapidly changing world scenario.

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B.Arch Thesis: JASHAN-e-PUNJAB By Harkunwar Singh Kanwal, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

B.Arch Thesis: JASHN-e-PUNJAB By Harkunwar Singh Kanwal, School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

The idea behind this architectural intervention in the city of Amritsar is to hit the psychological nerve of the people and make them spiritually aware about the rich culture they belong to and rejuvenate the socio-cultural essence of the city and the state. This proposal is foreseen to add to the already booming tourism of the city. It showcases Indian culture, crafts and sports on a global level and exhibits culture of rural India with all its colours and vigour.

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Parametric Design Workshop, Winter School 2017-18, by rat[LAB] Edu

After a successful completion of 30+ design workshops worldwide, rat[LAB]EDU (Educational subset of rat[LAB]-Research in Architecture & Technology) is organizing PARAMETRIC DESIGN WORKSHOPS for design students & professionals. Winter School 2017-18::Parametric Design Workshops (3-day design workshops) runs across 3 cities in India, with the objective of changing the way we conceive spaces within art, architectural & urban systems and the way architectural education is imparted in the country by inculcating an independent studio culture in the country.

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