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Contemporary Indian Houses

#91 RESIDENCES – Contemporary Indian Houses [2016], by Incite

#91 RESIDENCES – Contemporary Indian Houses [2016] – The hashtag allows moving away from categorization into typologies and classification by climate, size, style, etc. to create new affinities among hitherto non-connected buildings for instant access to similar creative expressions / elements.

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Brinda Somaya - Work and Continuities

Book: Brinda Somaya: Works & Continuities, An Architectural Monograph

Brinda Somaya has created a diverse and eclectic portfolio of work that spans the width and depth of India. Belonging to the “Bridge Generation”, Somaya defines the term and frames it as a time in which individuals initiated their careers in different arts including architecture and design as they addressed the changing socio-political landscape of a newly-Independent India. It was this generation that ‘bridged’ the architectural spaces between the Great Masters and the current generation.

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