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Creative Designer Architects, established in 2000, is an eminent architectural practice comprising of international consortium of architects that have been working together since past one and half decade on notable healthcare, commercial, residential and master planning projects pan Asia. With over 15+ years in Design and more than 120+ satisfied clients, CDA stand as benchmark for innovative, sustainable and energy efficient architecture that is built to clients vision to envisage a model that strikes balance amongst the various stakeholders including our built environment.

CDA has delivered more than 70 healthcare facilities pan-Asia in a short span of 15 years ranging from 50 up to 1200 beds. Every project under CDA involves in-depth research during the design stage creating most sustainable, patient-friendly and revenue strategic model. Our forte also lies in conceptualization of innovative and futuristic designs pertaining to residential, institutional, and commercial and hospitality typologies. Work at CDA involves rigorous brainstorming sessions amongst our talented & experienced professionals to reach a benchmark in design. The latest design tools and research methodologies further augment our ethos committed towards pursuing innovative architecture. The latest design tools and research methodologies further augment our ethos committed towards pursuing innovative architecture.

 Work strategy at CDA involves innovation in every possible avenue. We have our ethos to innovate through each project that comes our way. From Innovation in terms of planning, punching a revenue strategic mode, reduction in carbon footprint to making the entire process of design and execution simpler and efficient. We incorporate state of the art visualization and modelling technique including VR(s) in an attempt to enhance client experience and better experiment design. Our support goes from the conceptualization and lasts till the building sets in and starts to respond to the built environment around.


 One of the founding directors and the ensemble of the practice, Mohan graduated in 1986 from MS, Baroda and worked with eminent architect Stein Doshi and Bhalla before Pursuing his master in city planning from IIT, Kharagpur. He served in the MES for 12 years Working on variety of large scale projects of varying complexities. He, then joined CDA as director along with Maninder Kaur in year 2000 where he worked on some of the most noted healthcare and master planning projects such as Max healthcare, Saket, Dehradun, Bhatinda, Mohali etc. His sensitivity for design and construction details has helped CDA to complete more than 50 healthcare facilities pan Asia in a relatively small span of one and a half decade.
Website: www.creativedesignerarch.com


Yashoda Super Specialty Hospital at Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh by Creative Designer Architects

The emergence of mall culture in India and the buoyant growth trend of the real estate market led to the construction of a plethora of shopping malls. Yashoda hospital which started operation in a small segment of Shopprix mall in Kaushambi gradually expanded  to the entire floor area of the mall thereby putting the building to an altogether better…

The Spatial Stimuli – An Architect’s Office, at New Delhi, by Creative Designer Architects

An architect's office is a space that is conceived as a springboard for architectural dialogue, creativity and design. It should, hence unfold and interact in a way that its users feel connected with each other and the spatial setting around. A 2400 Sq. feet open, purely rectangular floor plan had immense potential to explore this aspect. There…