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Shete House - M+P Architects-IMG_1560

Interior Design: Shete House, at Pune, by M+P Architects Collaborative

Interior Design by M+P Architects Collaborative: The building abuts the highway opposite to the Ganpati temple. With a small 4m wide lane on the east side and just half a metre gap from the neighbouring building from on the west side, we thought of keeping the living quarters in the central portion of the house giving some open space on three sides with the service areas- toilets, utilities all planned along the western façade.

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Prodigitas M+P Architects

Interior Design for Prodigitas at Pune, by M+P Architects

With such a brief, we kept divisions to a minimum and a third of the floor space as the common work area with two large work tables in MS supports and engineered wood sheets. One cabin is used by the directors or as a common meeting room with the smallest soundproof cubicle being the calling space. The balcony overlooking some trees is used as a lunch and break space.

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Meghana Kulkarni Pooja Chaphalkar

“We believe that like any building, a stable foundation is a must for your practice.” – Meghana Kulkarni and Pooja Chaphalkar, M+P Architects

Today, on the subject we open the discourse with Meghana Kulkarni and Pooja Chaphalkar, principle architects and co- founders of M+P Architects, Pune. Having started a collaborative endeavor in 2013, M+P Architects have collectively as well as independently procured and materialized several design projects in a course of less than five years since their genesis.

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Taansa thane - M+P Architects

Taansa, Thane-Meghana Kulkarni, Pooja Chaphalkar, M+P Architects

The residence was designed keeping the local climate – which is hot and humid and the local village context in mind. The major construction materials- brick and stone were sourced locally . The structure is mostly load bearing with only 3 columns for the stilt area. Wood for the windows was seasoned used wood from old wadas and most of the doors and frames were recycled wooden ones from old demoished bungalows. –

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