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Studio 3, New Delhi, Office of Architecture Discipline

Studio 3, New Delhi, Office of Architecture Discipline – As the studio enters its teenage years of existence, it demanded a fun yet “architecturally charged” environment to conduct business. Moving out of a busy commercial surrounding to a quiet piece of land amidst blooming mustard fields hidden within the commotion, that is Delhi.It can be challenging to locate the studio; placed within the quaint boulevards lined with ficus foliage often hindering views to the randomly placed non-descriptive black gates. However, the gate has a “white” google pin for the curious eyes.

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Skyline Office, at Ahemdabad, by FLXBL Design

The corporate office of a city-based construction company, Skyline Office Building by FLXBL Design is a modest 4000 sq. ft. of space that was given a conspicuous corporate shape and form quite unconventional for an industrial area in Ahmedabad.

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Workspace for White Tree Architects at Shreyansh Lunkad, Sachi Lunia Lunkad

The basic idea behind how our office should be was very clear that we wanted it to be minimal and contemporary with three shades ‘white’ showing simplicity and making the spaces full of light; ‘grey’ making the space earthy and compliments white ; ‘blue’ the highlighting colour adding a spark to the liveliness to the space. Stepping inside WTA 700 Sq.Ft.of space via staircase up, an old window installed at its ceiling enlightens the path.

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Cutting edge design at Pune by Studio Osmosis

Interior Design: Cutting edge design at Pune by Studio Osmosis

When SJ Contracts, a two-decade old construction company was looking to design their 4,000 sq ft office in Pune, their focus was on creating a state-of-the-art office that was built on their core values of innovation, quality and transparent business practices. Greatly inspired by their work story and the core of the practice and values, Studio Osmosis, the design firm behind the fabulous design of the office decided to use ideas,  materials and construction techniques that were honest and true to their business of construction to achieve the desired look.

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