Tulum - Jungle Rooftop Restaurant, at Chandigarh, by Loop Design Studio

Tulum – Jungle Rooftop Restaurant, at Chandigarh, by Loop Design Studio

Tulum is an experimental paradox in the brutalist context of Chandigarh. It is a rooftop restaurant that offers panoramic views of the city skyline. Drawing its inspiration from the Mexican getaway destination by the same name, Tulum is curated as a superfluous, green and vernacular oasis. The design reflects a natural and an earthy undertone that comes together in a systematic fashion using natural stone, bamboo, terrazzo, wood, cane, plaster and greens. – Loop Design Studio

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Flavours 'n' Spice Restaurant at Matunga, by GA Designs

Flavours ‘n’ Spice Restaurant at Matunga, by GA design

This 2,000 sq.ft fine dine restaurant is designed for a sports and leisure club in Matunga. A warm and relaxed atmosphere wraps this modern and contemporary styled, 110- seater restaurant. Earthy tones, dynamic lightning, natural materials like wood, stone and fabric, sound- absorbing elements like wooden ceiling, acoustic ceiling sheets and decorative fabric panels ensure that overpowering sounds are eliminated, while creating an inviting atmosphere. Seating for large and small groups is provided, while privacy is enhanced with the use of decorative laser- cut partitions which are not only functional but also aesthetic in design.

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Akshay Jadhav - SHACK - Bamboo Restaurant in Nashik

The SHACK – A multi-cuisine restaurant in Bamboo at Nashik by Akshay Jadhav, The Side Lane Design Co.

The site of the restaurant in Bamboo, designed by Akshay Jadhav, is surrounded by agricultural land, forests and mountains. It is located in the outskirts, but at a motorable distance of 10kms from the heart of the city. The surrounding areas are being gradually developed as an educational hub, with numerous markets, residences and restaurants in the making.

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