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“Senior professionals are crucial for a holistic and a natural growth of young practices.” – Nilesh bansal, Chaukor Studio

Continuing our dialogue; today we have Nilesh Bansal from Chaukor Studio to share his views. Along with his partner Tejeshwi Bansal, he started Chaukor Studio in the year 2012 in Noida. The studio aspires to provide regenerative design solutions. By integrating traditional formal expressions and design subtleties with modern materials and technologies, they strive to create ecologically sound and elegant building environments.

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“Starting your own practice demands one to expand their expertise beyond their designing skill set.” – Abhinav Chaudhary, FlyYing Seeds

Having started his own practice in 2015, Abhinav provides us with insights from his day to day understanding of running his firm. FlyYing Seeds aspires to be a pragmatic practice which currently handles versatile architectural and interior projects in residential, commercial, retail, institutional and hospitality projects.

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“Believe in yourself. Acknowledge the opportunities that can be grasped upon and deliver on them.” – Akshay Heranjal The Purple Ink Studio Interview

In conversation with Akshay Heranjal, Principal Architect and co – founder of The Purple Ink Studio; a multiple award winning practice which was started in 2011. The brainchild of architects Akshay Heranjal and Aditi Pai , this Bangalore based firm evolved as a confluence of two distinct architectural backgrounds – one being extremely rational, aesthetic yet responsive and the other being based on strong responses to nature and inclusion of natural elements in design.

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As all of talk is nothing more than just a bark for the Council of Architecture. – Ar. Manish Mishra

It has been long that I have been thinking and writing about possible reforms at Council of Architecture. I have realized writing many letters and having arguments and discussions with fellow professionals regarding legalities and common grounds of fairness in the profession of Architecture hasn’t lead to a clarity of thought at the decision-making level.

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Studio Symbiosis

“For us we see each challenge as put forth here as an opportunity” – Amit Gupta and Britta Knobel Gupta, Studio Symbiosis

Established in 2010, the firm has received several awards and accolades since then. The firm has been involved in varied ranges of projects including villas, hotels, sports city, masterplan and other projects of various scales. Their design philosophy is to create integrated design solutions imbibing amalgamated, efficient, robust and sustainable designs leading to performative architecture.

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Gaurav Kapoor, Layers Design Studio

“In the beginning keep your expectations low, and focus on producing good work.” – Gaurav Kapoor, Layers Studios for Design & Architecture

In conversation with Gaurav Kapoor, principle architect and co-founder of Layers Studios for Design & Architecture in Delhi. Along with partner Neha Bhardwaj, he works in the field of architecture, landscape design and interior design with the pursuit of developing an architecture practice which can incorporate local traditions, international ideas, respect for the environment and cutting-edge technology in its design sensibilities.

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