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Reinventing Modern Living – Tata Housing ‘Serein’ at Thane, by Edifice Consultants

Text and Images: Edifice Consultants

Tata Housing ‘Serein’ is an upcoming premium residential project by Tata Housing Development Company, designed by Edifice Consultants Pvt Ltd. Sensitivity to human needs is the basis of this project, which is located in the city of Thane, popular for its lake-dotted landscape and close proximity to the bustling metropolis of Mumbai. The site is situated on Pokhran Road No. 2, flanked on the northern and eastern sides by residential developments and overlooking the Yeoor hills to the west. Situated close to the Upvan Lake, the neighbourhood has emerged as a sought-after residential precinct in recent times, especially given the upkeep of infrastructure in the area and excellent connectivity with the city.

The first phase of the project is proposed to have about 658 apartments encased within three towers in a 7.5 acre parcel of land – with a mix of 1-, 2- and 3-bedroom residences and duplexes – accompanied by amenities such as sports facilities, children’s play area, a swimming pool, a community hall and an open air theatre, distributed equitably among the dwellers.

Having tested several iterations of urban block typology as part of the design process, the final form adopts an isolated block typology with four towers – congruent with the master plan development – creating a self-contained complex. The built form of the towers possesses a distinct aesthetic appeal that is sure to gain landmark status within the town, characterized by multiple-height terraces arranged in a staggered geometric manner along a central vertical axis. Some of these terraces are private decks to the dwelling units, while some act as common social spaces as well as necessary fire escape routes and refuge areas within the tower.

Site Plan

With a common podium between the towers, the living spaces have been hoisted above the site level; the podium has been devoted entirely to parking and service areas, freeing up the open-to-sky upper level for community activities. Vehicular access has been relegated to the very periphery of the site with a vast central green court – essentially, an urban park – at the heart of the upper level. This urban park connects all the towers at the base and forms the fulcrum of the neighbourhood; an exclusively pedestrian zone. With the towers arranged around the urban park, this central green space effectively becomes the courtyard of the housing complex.

Sectional Elevation

The towers feature clear glass facades to maximise daylight penetration to all habitable spaces, and prioritizes natural ventilation for each dwelling unit. The interior spaces are also highly flexible, to allow for customization by the individual. The complex provides a luxurious yet sustainable lifestyle to the occupants, by creating climate-responsive homes. In an urban culture where the concept of habitat identity is becoming obsolete – with rows upon rows of identical towers with little floor-to-floor variation in built form dominating the skyline – the distinctive voids within the built envelope of Tata Housing ‘Serein’ allow residents to locate their homes even from a distance. The project is set to be completed by 2021, and is sure to become a hit with homeowners and investors alike.

Design Team: Uday Goswami, Manoj Choudhury, Subhrendu Das, Akhil Laddha, Debashree Turel, Parag Mistry

Construction Team: Uday Goswami, Shradha Ram, Dipika Pawar, Umakant Patil, Alam Parande


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