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Testimonials from ArchitectureLive! community

ArchitectureLive! is a much required professional media. Today all ages of the profession demand and desire information that they can trust and study. AL provides this thrust with meaningful integration of thought and process. The younger one search inquisitively to find new avenues AL is a good platform. The ones engrossed demand and need quick solutions and inspirations AL is a good feed. AND the elder seasoned and often smirky ones want to know what it is all about and what they understood is in an illusory way right. It fulfils in a spectrum the goals and objectives of every professional in this field. from student to teacher, to intern to professional.

Testimonials from ArchitectureLive! community 1 Jaisim Krishna Rao Jaisim Fountainhead Architects

ArchitectureLive is a grounds-up initiative to bring the community of architects, designers and artists together and help them network, share ideas and discuss problems which are often common across the industry. Senior voices give perspective and wisdom on this forum which proves to be very useful to younger architects and practices. It also gives a platform to younger voices as they share their hopes, aspirations and expectations from the industry and navigate through the complex and difficult task of creating architecture in our country. This forum also allows architects to broadcast to those outside the community in a unified voice giving weight and strength to the community's voice. I wish all the very best to ArchitectureLive for its new initiatives.

Testimonials from ArchitectureLive! community 3 Aknkon Mitra Hexagramm


In this age of information technology, where realms of social media dominate so many aspects of the human experience... it is vital to acknowledge those few curators of quality content, who have understood the value of substance and meaning over 'appearances' in design imagery. As a platform for inclusive dialogue, ArchitectureLive! is a definitive forum for this essential discourse. Rajesh Advani and the editorial team of this unique portal, have effectively leveled the playing field for Architects and Interior Designers, by creating a qualitative space to showcase academic, professional, theoretical, built, un-built and conceptual works of varied scales and typologies. This democratized arena has consistently provided equal opportunities to all participants engaged in the conversation that is 'design', while maintaining the highest qualitative standards of journalistic integrity. We keenly look forward to witnessing the further growth and evolution of ArchitectureLive!

Testimonials from ArchitectureLive! community 5 Ranjeet Mukherjee The Vrindavan Project


ArchitectureLive! is a platform that offers a wide range of information and fresh ideas on the trending projects. It’s an intelligent initiative that has already given wings to the creative minds of architects and future-architects. Its first of its kind from India as per my knowledge which portrays the Indian Architectural scenarios. The portal has an interactive interface and is useful for the professionals, students and public at large who are interested in architecture. It provides a uniform platform to connect, communicate and share ideas. I admire the works and effort of the people behind this page and wish that the portal becomes a success and eventually turn into a world-wide platform.

Testimonials from ArchitectureLive! community 7 Sanjay Patil Environ Planners

I have been following your page for a long time. I love what you guys do and I am confident that your hard work will lead to the desired results. A platform to share and spread the strength and creativity of the architectural community.

Testimonials from ArchitectureLive! community 9 Kevin mathew Kevin Mathew Architects