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The architectural invocation project 06, Jacob George, Dr. A Srivathsan, by SEED, A P J Abdul Kalam School of Environmental Design, Kochi

The Architectural Invocation Project 06
seed 2020

What is the CORE of Architectural training?
Jacob George

Born and raised in Singapore, Jacob George went to New Delhi to do his architecture at SPA. After graduation, and working for 4 years, he went to New York City to pursue graduate studies in architecture, after which he worked in the US for several years. He came back to India as a partner in an established practice in Cochin, and started his own firm in 2013.
While architecture is his principal pursuit, Jacob also has a second business: he designs and manufactures high end speakers named RETHM. This factory which is located in Cochin also produces furniture and interior products, as Jacob works as an industrial designer as well.
Jacob is recipient of Inside Outside – Designer of the year, August 2005 and his work has been published in the book “Contemporary Indian Architects” by Jagan Shah, 2008 and “Architecture in India since 1990” by Rahul Mehrotra.


The Architectural Invocation Project, by SEED, is essentially a campaign of hope towards a more meaningful future for architecture and design. It attempts to articulate critical questions concerning the academics and practice of Architecture through significant practitioners in the country. The extremely short duration of the video bite makes it both challenging and absorbing, thereby presenting itself as small packets of wisdom. As a new school, seed will attempt to assimilate these into an organic academic spirit which is beneficial for the students, parents and the peers.


Website – https://apjinstitutes.com/

Instagram Profile – https://www.instagram.com/seed_kochi/

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