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The Godfather Fashion Store at Nagpur, by The Forum of Architecture And Planners Studio (FANP STUDIO)

Text and Images: FANP Studio

The client for the Godfather Fashion, is a start-up businessman in the fashion industry, He was looking for a place where he can attract young crowd for shopping especially from age 18-35 yrs. He wanted the interior to be so vibrant and creative that it should stand out from the rest as the whole street is with different retail outlets of various brands. The main demand from client was to uplift the store so that people passing by should recognise the store due to its trendy and contemporary interiors.

The initial birth of the concept germinates from the target audience of this chain –“the very youth”. The design philosophy needs to capture the essence of youth and freshness at the very same time.

As a first step in design we thought of putting metal rods on the ceiling and display counters but due to structural incapabilities and dilapidated nature of the shop it was not possible for us to move further, so we decided to take a new approach.

While moving through different materials in the market, we came across a shop where pinewood was available in abundant quantity at a cheaper rate so we decided to make the whole design in pinewood.

One more worry was that he had a limited budget for the project and even the shop was very small only 7’x 18’ around 126 sq.ft. as a vital component for his selling strategy he told us to look more into an out of the box design ,use of vibrant colours ,light effects ,display gallery and storages etc. all of this has to be managed in a confined space.

The roughness of pinewood and morning glory texture paint kept to create an airy look to the already existing small space.
The use of different sizes (typology) of rustic themed filament bulbs gives a very unique character to the interior of this space along with this there is an artistic installation painted with vibrant colours done by a renowned artist on the rear wall which is made out of left over pinewood chunks and this is visible from outside the store. The leftover waste material is also used in the display area, as for the space constraints the studio decided to divide and dedicate the different activities according to the given space (Internal and External)

The external space has been designed in a way to create an open-end lively environment with use of fresh lighting effects and running counter space.

A dark coloured yellow logo with name engraved on black background provide a nice cut off from the rest of the hub and helps in creating a branding tool for the audience passing by.

The idea was not only to provide customers with good cloths for shopping but also to give them a youthful space for them to interact with, hence finding that right blend of architecture and user’s delight for space.

The remodelling of an old neighbourhood store to a modern man’s wear store that previously sold exclusively online. As a marketing strategy they wanted a street store that reflect their ideas, basic design, fare price and social sustainability.
The project seeks through an interesting composition of basic construction materials, get into a design that is simultaneously simple, elegant and refined.it also shows a parametric form of ceiling (modular form). While working with pinewood, glass, thread work, rough paint we got a design that fulfilled the client’s wish and is related to the brand and attract people who are walking down the street to get into the store.

To display the clothes, we developed a system with pinewood profiles and glass and thread work mesh that assemble allowing the store to change and adapt to the needs of the season, not depending on other furniture that might interfere with the architecture. There are niches used as storage space to counter issues related to keeping of clothes.

The basic design of the clothes both in material and design reflects into the architecture with the wall painted in white and textured yellow that receives the architectural elements with their natural textures and simple shapes that compose and serve its use.

The fashion store was challenge for the office due to not only the deadline but also due to the constricted size.
With only 122 sq. Ft, it stands out for the care with the details and was developed between the presentation of the first idea and the delivery in just one month.

Having in mind these two limitations, area and time the project was conceived from the outset with a very strong concept the area of showcase, support and dressing room were separated through few elements and materials.

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