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A Mall that Breathes – Times Square Mall at Naya Raipur, by Creative Group

Text and images: Creative Group


Times Square Mall, Naya RaipurTimes Square Mall is a design project for an entire micro-urbanism. Spreading across an area of 8100 square metres, the identities of the mall, both as a commercial space & a sustainable complex are understood to be symbols projected onto the administrative capital of the State of Chhattisgarh, representing Naya Raipur as India’s fourth prosperous & planned smart city. A Mall, being a commercial building, requires a critical approach towards positioning, zoning & magnetic aspects. After a deep insight towards these critical factors, Creative Group took forward the planning & design of a mall with a sustainable & charismatic approach which pleases not just the client but also the visitor. It is aptly placed around the administrative buildings in the vicinity serving as a landmark and a turning point for the otherwise structured building envelopes.

Site Plan

“As the city of Raipur is still growing, affordability is still a criterion. Thus, the ideology behind this commercial complex was to apply basic design principles like mutual shading and building orientation, so as to conceive a sustainable mall with minimum energy consumption,”

Prof. Charanjit Shah, Founding Principal, Creative Group.

Breaking away from the age- old philosophy & concept of a mall to be a conventional glass building with no play of forms, the mall accomodates an abstract use of Jaali work as an elevation feature with a dynamic built form where the building facade changes at every viewing angle. The concept is based on an emerging curve which rises from the ground and showcases the aspirations of a development of a new city Naya Raipur. Hoardings solve purpose of acting as a second sun screen apart from being a decorative element in the building; imbibed in the niches of metal jallis. The helical form of the building emerges from the ground floor, as if originating from the surrounding landscape.

Times Square Mall, Naya RaipurThe idea worked across scales to doubly awe visitors with vast spaces and welcome them with measures of comfort. In following, coherence and hierarchy were critical to the mall’s planning. The architects have delivered a highly sustainable and viable contemporary built-form which is enhanced by their capability to engage themselves right from the initial phase of the project. The design creates open spaces and stepped terraces with the view of providing maximum commercial viability. The stepped terraces add extra area to each floor, thereby increasing the saleable areas and acting as recreational spaces. At smaller scales, architectural details provide a visual dynamism that extends through each of the mall’s spaces. It is interwoven with all characteristics of an iconic marvel which are responsive to its environment.

Vastu Considerations have played a very important role in the design process. The rising and dynamic form of the mall places its highest point on the south, adhering to Vastu analysis. The placements of various functions within the commercial building have also been planned as per the client’s vastu requirements.

Shaded courtyards in the centre create recreational relaxing spaces. Wind tunnels are created in the central courtyard for the flow of air and the kiosks are placed around the courtyard for the ease of consumers. Food and beverages are provided on the ground –floor for convenience. The highest point of the building being at the South-West protects the building from harsh summer sun. The lake & the central park, right across the mall further enhances the cooling effect.

“We imagined designing an environment full of greenery, retail shops and recreational activities; an environment that could act as an enclave of connection and welcome people inside. It is a mall to be experienced to be understood.”

Ar. Gurpreet Shah, Principal Architect, Creative Group.

In a city where infrastructure facilities are already accredited as “smart city facilities”, this takes a very interactive and professional approach in contributing towards the smart city development of Naya Raipur. The architects feel that it is important to celebrate what makes these buildings a step ahead in the ever talked about “smart city developments.”

Having developed the smart and sustainable Raipur Airport, the architects are also designing world class facilities like Railway Stations acting as the missing link between Raipur and Naya Raipur, Affordable Housings and a green and futuristic private hospital in the future smart city, apart from Times Square Mall.

Creative Group projects Times Square mall as a step towards responsive architecture and design for the next- GEN, catering to all aspects of sustainability and affordability.

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