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Rahoul B singh

Ranjit Sabikhi’s Reflections on Evolution of Delhi’s Space Offer a Window Into Urban Design

Ranjit Sabikhi, the author of the book, A Sense of Space, The Crisis of Urban Design in India, belongs to that generation of architects and urban designers who have witnessed the transformation of the Indian city from the years immediately after Independence to the mega-metropolis that we now inhabit. In New Delhi, his city of residence for the last six decades, Sabikhi has, through both the written word and the built work, drawn from and commented on, the complexity of India’s historical and contemporary urban agglomerations.

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LIGOVSKY CITY, at St.Petersburg, Russia, by KCAP+ORANGE and A.Len

LIGOVSKY CITY, at St.Petersburg, Russia, by KCAP+ORANGE and A.Len Architects

KCAP+ORANGE Architects in consortium with A.Len Architectural Bureau prepared a proposal for the territory planning of the former Tovarno-Vitebskaya railway yard in the south-eastern part of the grey belt of St. Petersburg. This project is a continuation of the Glorax Development’s Ligovsky City neighborhood development project, where the first residential complex is already in operation while the second one is nearing completion. The area under consideration, 30 hectares, is well connected to city. In the North, in close proximity to the site,is planned to build a metro station “Borovaya”.

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Bamboo Metro Station

Metro Station in bamboo at Bengaluru for BMRCL by Manasaram Architects

Metro Station in bamboo at Bengaluru for BMRCL by Mansaram Architects, Neelam Manjunath – Bamboo is introduced in the design to showcase its potential how a traditional fragile-looking material can be used to an in large infrastructure projects. Bamboo was introduced in response to huge amount of steel used in large infrastructure projects which lead to immense carbon emission eventually leading to global warming. In the project, Bamboo is taken to a new level in the design by incorporating it in various forms. ”Bamboo is the new steel”.

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Future Science - Shida Architecture

MOKSLATEITIS: Future Science – 
Competition Entry for National Science & Innovation Centre, Kaunas, Lithuania
, by Shida Architecture

The Mokslateitis (Lithuanian for ‘Future-Science’) is conceived as a temple of pioneering human endeavours, not just as ethnicities, but rather as a species with the highest impact on this planet. The intent clearly establishes the grand all-encompassing nature of science as a framework to comprehend what is unknown to us. Opening the visitor to this sense of wonder is the biggest mission of Mosklateitis.

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Mohamaddi Park Housing Competition -Sameep Padora

Mohameddi Park Housing Competition – Sameep Padora and Associates

In this competition, the plots under consideration were separated by a thoroughfare, and the Mosques were to be the anchor points of this community development. After various iterations of grid planning, street development, row house development, etc., we settled upon a mixed cluster development plan. – Sameep Padora and Associates

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