We are almost there! Almost.

Realising the fact that architecture information in India is very scattered, unorganized and difficult to find, ArchitectureLive!, is bringing an interactive platform for all architects, interior designers, students and educators in India where architectural information can not only be found, but also contributed and shared. Ofcourse, this all will be done in phases and the first phase is almost here, Projects.
Projects on ArchitectureLive! would be published in a unique way which will make it easier for all to find and view only the related content. One would be able to find projects using combination of various attributes, like, Name of the project
  • Name of the Designer
  • Climate
  • Materials Used
  • Form
  • Topography
  • Location
  • Category or Type of Project
  • Keywords (of course!)
This should also allow users to look for a building based on following statement,
A circular building on a sloping site in hot and dry climate.

Interesting, isn’t it? The above statement, though, only covers three attributes (Form, Topography and Climate), but there is a possibility to add more attributes to it. Obviously, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Wait, it is easy. Just that one has to make sure that the project uploaded on ArchitetctureLive! carries as much information as possible.
Our objective is to make architectural information easily accessible to you all. And, we are coming soon.
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