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WISHKARMA brings India’s Biggest Catalogue of Building Products

WISHKARMA brings the largest e-catalogue of construction building products for architects and interior designers.

The Construction Architecture and Design industry in India is witnessing the rapid transition. The onset of the internet and image-driven social media platforms such as Pinterest have exposed customers, from the remotest parts of the world to global ideas and trends. The customers now know exactly what they want and expect their Architects and Designers to be exposed to not on, but also the latest products and best practices. This has lead to a change in the way the design fraternity works in India. Architects and Designers now need an efficient way to research and discover the latest products in the market and collaborate with the various stakeholders, which would increase efficiency in their offices and also make the design processes smoother.

Market Trends

The building construction industry is one of the largest in the world. In India itself, it accounts for more than 8% of the economy and is expected to be around 250 billion dollars by 2020. It employees 35 million people and is the second-largest employer behind agriculture.

The advent of new legislation such as RERA and the overall slowdown in the Indian economy has depressed the demand for new housing. Most industry experts feel that this is a short term phenomenon and the demand for housing and building construction will pick up soon. Once this happens it will put pressure on the industry to become more organised.

The building construction industry is known to be one of the least organised and productive in the world. According to Mckinsey if the construction industry productivity levels caught up with the rest of the economy it will add 2% to the global GDP.

Wishkarma’s vision is to provide the key stakeholders in the industry, the Users, Architects, Designers, Contractors, Builders and Developers, the tools to become more efficient and thereby bringing efficiency to the industry at large.


How Wishkarma can help?

Wishkarma is a product research and discovery platform for Architects and Designers. Wishkarma’s mission is to provide Architects and Designers with the tools and services required to make them more efficient. At the core of our offering is what we believe to be India’s largest building construction materials catalogue. Wishkarma’s catalogue consists of over 3.5 lakh products and is being updated on a daily basis. Wishkarma’s goal is to make our catalogue the de facto product research and discovery platform for the building construction industry.

Wishkarma continues to innovate along with India’s leading architects and build tech companies. Our vision is to continuously improve and build products and services that will make our customers more efficient.

Wishkarma enables the following:

Research Products

With rapidly changing consumer tastes and the continuous introduction of new products and services, the need for consumers to easily discover and learn about the latest products and technologies is greater than ever.

Wishkarma solves this problem through a searchable product catalogue. We have created India’s largest home building product catalogue with products ranging from taps to paints, tiles, furniture, furnishings and more.

The website is constantly bringing new products to the platform along with consumer ratings, feedback and comparisons. Our objective is to empower consumers to make informed decisions as they look to build the home of their dreams.

Wishkarma catalogue has over 350,000 products across FF&E, lighting, materials and MEP categories and you can identify the right products by using Wishkarma’s search and filter capabilities.

Collaborate with Vendors

Wishkarma also lists local suppliers for all products in our catalogue. Researching for products is not the only task made easier by Wishkarma; buying them is also now simplified. Consumers can call or chat with the local suppliers to get product knowledge, latest prices, stock positions and delivery schedules.

Specify Faster

Setup virtual teams across vendors and clients with approval workflows and audits to enable transparent collaboration on the go. Print out spec sheets and spec books, create moodboards or request for ideas in a team’s private collaboration space.

Wishkarma brings you products, manufacturers and suppliers from not only India but the world over. Our goal is to take several weeks or months out of the specification process and help designers be ever more efficient and focus on the activities they truly love.

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